Local Yokels


This site isn't just about us.  There are other IH fans in our neck of the woods.  One of the most prominent is Dennis Bullock from St. Louisville, Ohio, a little burg about 9 miles north of us.  In recent years, Bullock has been grain farming most of the available ground near and around us.  We noticed that he seemed to have a lot of IH equipment.  In fact, it dawned on us that all of his iron is red.  Knowing where Mr. Bullock is headquartered, Joe set out to capture just how hardcore an IH man Mr. Bullock is.  The proof is seen below! 


At right is the "herd". Arranged left to right in the foreground is a 1468, a 1466, and a 1066.  A glimpse of a 1206 can be seen just over the rear tire of the 1468.  A 966 is behind the 1206.













Another view of these grand, old ladies.  It might be a mistake to refer to that 1468 beastie as a lady.  Too much testosterone under the hood!









Yes, it appears that all the tillage tools are IH to the bone, too!











In your face and up in your grille!  The 1468 looks like it's all business.  The 1468 is equipped with a 550 CID V-8 diesel, and if set up properly, idles on 4 cylinders.  When it comes time to talk turkey, all 8 cylinders kick in.  The local grapevine scuttlebutt says the pump on this beast has been juiced.  From the color of the exhaust stacks, this rumor has some merit. 









The old lady of the bunch--a 1206.  It warms our hearts to see this tractor in this condition.  A fellow that has property across the road from Mom's farm used to own the 1206, and it sat languishing in a barn unused and neglected.  Bill is friends with the grandson of the former owner and negotiated to use the 1206 on Mom's place for tillage about six years ago.  The tractor was in poor condition most notable being the severely damaged front running gear.  Bullock recently began farming this fellow's property and was able to acquire the 1206 last year.  After a major going-over, the Old Gal is back working the fields where it belongs.  We can't think of a better home for it than the one it has now!







Not only do the Bullocks start the seasonal work with IH, they finish with it, too.  Shown here are two IH combines and the 1066.  This pic was taken in a field about 3/4 of a mile from us, and is the same area where our tractor club has held Plow Days from 2002 to 2004.  This shot was taken with Joe's two-day-old digital camera and pictures of this type of scene is precisely why he bought the camera.






This isn't another Bullock rig.  Joe mistakenly thought it was as this shot was taken just across the road from one of the Bullock's farms.  This is a Bullock neighbor, Brett Cliver, field prepping with a natty-looking 1066.  Mr. Cliver seemed quite pleased having some "paparazzi" snapping photos of him that morning.  Joe introduced himself to Brett and learned that his family also has an "IH jones".  Joe was half-hoping that his new acquaintance would let him have a go at the wheel of the 1066.  Good thing Brett didn't do this--he would've needed the use of .45 pistol to get Joe off that tractor!






Brett Cliver and his 1066 again.  Joe: " I screwed up this photo op!  I should've had a pic with Brett standing next to his 1066 with a close up shot.  Hey!  I'm still learning!"

St.  Louisville is about 9 miles north of us, and some of the town can be seen in the background.  This is the Licking River Valley and contains some good ground.  This area seems like home to us.  Many of Dad's "farmer" trips with us tagging along often found us in the St. Louisville area back in the 60s and 70s.

Man, that 1066 is a hottie!